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Pierakstieties uz svarīgākajiem biznesa un tehnoloģiju materiāliem Latvijā

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Tehnoloģijas 10. Decembris 2019

From "Wolt" to "Rotten Tomatoes"

Startup and technology conference “TechChill 2020” will focus on technologies, which will impact our lives in the upcoming years.


Baltic edition

The two-day conference content will offer speeches and discussions on the latest trends in technology, with a focus on ideas that have the potential to change the world and make it more sustainable.

This year's focus is the Big Shift that includes changes prompted by rapid developments in Greentech, Blockchain, and 5G technologies. In addition, “TechChill” organizers have included topics as Sales and Marketing and Founder stories that are important for the Baltic Sea region.

Among the first announced speakers are Patrick Lee, Co-founder of “Rotten Tomatoes”, an American review-aggregation website for film and television, Ben Larson, CEO of  “Vertosa”, a California manufacturer that creates effective and reliable active ingredients for infused product makers, Juhani Mykkänen, Co-founder of “Wolt”, a food-delivery platform, Barbara Belvisi, Founder and CEO of “Interstellar Labs”, a company that designs and builds bio regenerative villages on Earth and beyond, Helga Valfells, Managing Partner of “Crowberry Capital”, a Nordic venture fund based in Reykjavik, Jules Miller, Partner at “IBM Blockchain Accelerator”, an accelerator that helps Blockchain startups, “Eunice Chen”, Advisor and former VP of Marketing at “Cloud9”, an e-sports organization.

“Our goal is to talk about technologies and processes already in motion, which will impact our lives in the coming years, as well as the people behind them,” says Madara Ermansone, COO of “TechChill”.

In the coming months, 20 satellite events organized by “TechChill” will be held in Riga and in various other countries outside Latvia to promote Latvia as a potential and excellent place to start and develop new businesses. The season-ending at the “TechChill” conference will gather together more than 2000 attendees, 200 investors, 400 startups, 100 speakers and 70 media representatives.

“TechChill” will continue its tradition – “Fifty Founders Battle” that will showcase 50 most promising startups from the Baltics, Scandinavia and Central Europe by giving them a chance to step on the stage and pitch their ideas.

Currently signed up participants are “IBM Blockchain Accelerator”, “500 Startups”, “Startup Wise Guys”, “Flashpoint Venture Capital”, “Pegasus Ventures”, “SuperSeed”, “Inventure”, “Karma Ventures”, “Change Ventures”, “Superhero Capital”, “Practica”, “Contrarian Ventures” and more.

“TechChill” is a startup community non-profit that hosts the largest tech event in Latvia on February 20-21 in Riga.


The translation of this article is provided by “TechChill”.


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