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Technology 29 January 2020

“TechChill” pitch competition “Fifty Founders Battle” semifinalists announced

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“TechChill” is a meeting place for new and aspiring startups and acknowledging that, “TechChill” is continuing to offer stage time for fifty most promising startups from the Baltics, Nordics and beyond during the “Fifty Founders Battle”. This year 50 teams from 20 countries are competing for the main prize – 10 000 EUR with no strings attached, the fast track to Silicon Vikings Startup World Cup Finals in San Francisco, advertisement place in “Forbes”, AWS credits and more. Fifty lucky teams that will pitch their idea on “TechChill” stage have been announced.

Organizers of “TechChill” 2020 are happy that the record number of applications for “Fifty Founders Battle” was received - 261 applications in total. This year all participating startups are divided into 5 verticals - MedTech, GreenTech, FinTech, B2B, and B2C. The most popular vertical was the B2B with 80 applications. As predicted the most applications were sent from such regions as Baltics and Nordics, but every year the event becomes more and more international, and organizers are very happy to see Australia, Kosovo, Puerto Rico, Gambia, Armenia, and more represented. This year the applications were sent in from 37 countries in total, indicating the global scope of the competition.

“We see global trends having an impact on the applications we receive, for example, this is the first year we have so many greentech startups applying, and fintech still remains as one of the most popular areas for the Baltic startups. The record number of applicants also indicates that the need for exposure to investors, media and the general public, as well as feedback for startups is growing, and we are proud to provide startups with such a platform and opportunities during the conference,” adds “TechChill” COO Madara Ermansone.

This year “TechChill” divided all 50 competing startups into 5 verticals according to their industry - MedTech, GreenTech, FinTech, B2B, and B2C, and each vertical had its own jury of investors, to ensure objectivity. During “TechChill” Day One, on February 20, the jury will evaluate all fifty startups by their 3-minute pitches on stage. On Day Two, five finalists were chosen by the jury, one from each vertical, who will pitch on the main stage and compete for the prizes. During the final pitch, founders are given the chance to tell their idea not only to the official jury, but also to international investors, business angels, accelerators, media, and to the audience of 2000 people.

During the eight previous “TechChill” conferences startups such as “Precision Navigation Systems”, “TrackDuck”, “Edurio”, “Nordigen”, “Sprayprinter”, “Anatomy Next”,  have competed and won the “Fifty Founders battle”. By this time these startups have experienced significant growth and have attracted millions in funding.

“TechChill” 2020 conference content will offer speeches and discussions on the latest trends in technology, with a focus on ideas that have the potential to change the world and make it more sustainable. The agenda will particularly focus on 5G technologies, Blockchain and Greentech. In addition, “TechChill” organizers have included topics such as Sales and Marketing and Founder stories that are important for the Baltic Sea region. The “TechChill” conference is organized by an independent, non-profit organization of the same name, which creates and conducts activities throughout the year to help Latvian startups build contacts, gain new knowledge and raise Latvia's international profile.


The 10 startups pitching at MedTech vertical are:

1. iLoF - intelligent Lab on Fiber (Portugal)

2. Nursebeam (Estonia)

3. CastPrint (Latvia)

4. IPDx (Estonia)

5. Kipuwex Ltd (Finland)

6. Šeši partneriai - 6P (Lithuania)

7. Longenesis Limited - 6P (Hong Kong)

8. Ligence (Lithuania)

9. VeritaCell (Latvia)

10. Lucero-Bio (Sweden)


The 10 startups pitching at GreenTech vertical are:

1. Absolute Module (Finland)

2. The Littery (Latvia)

3. Wastefox (Estonia)

4. PowerUp Fuel Cells (Estonia)

5. R8tech (Estonia)

6. Adianano (Latvia)

7. woola (Estonia)

8. Meredot (Ukraine)

9. EMPYRIO (Latvia)

10. InfyU Labs (India)


The 10 startups pitching at FinTech vertical are:

1. (Estonia)

2. CostPocket (Estonia)

3. UVAS (Poland)


5. Upswot (Ukraine)

6. Raison.Ai (Estonia)

7. Winngie Technologies (Turkey)

8. Quppy (Cyprus)

9. AVA - Systems (Australia)

10. Haylend (Estonia)


The 10 startups pitching at B2B vertical are:

1. (US)

2. Zelos (Estonia)

3. Kudo (US)

4. LOKI (Turkey)

5. Ubitrack (Bulgaria)

6. Singularity Computing (France)

7. WerBot (Belarus)

8. CxWeb (Denmark)

9. Noscos (Latvia)

10. Adact (Estonia)


The 10 startups pitching at B2C vertical are:

1. (Estonia)

2. Sadie Sparks - Magic Words (Latvia)

3. Dwellet (Finland)

4. YoPlayDo (Latvia)

5. Tassu Passu (Finland)

6. Drivest (Estonia)

7. xTimer (Latvia)

8. Patentbot (Ukraine)

9. DataCalculus (Estonia)

10. Imagery Ward (Ukraine)


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