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News 13 August 2020

The Latvian startup company “Qticket” – a system for scheduling remote queues and visits – begins operation

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“Tired of standing in line for a doctor or a technical inspection? Tired of calling the hospital to sign up for a visit? We understand that and will change it!” this is the slogan that the IT company – one of the startups of Valmiera Business Incubator “Qticket” – uses as its calling card.

Qticket is an innovative and convenient solution that allows you to join a queue remotely at a convenient time by taking out a line number in the app, and sign up for a visit without making a call. The dream of Latvian introverts has come true – no need to call and sign up; just a few clicks suffice.

With the help of the Qticket application, users can find the nearest branches of the company they are interested in, join a queue or sign up for a visit remotely, cancel or reschedule a visit remotely, receive information about services and specialists, as well as see real-time branch queue progress and expected queue-waiting time to avoid long queues.

The authors of the Qticket concept have successfully proven themselves both locally and across the ocean. The Qticket IT team offers global IT solutions used by those who link their daily work with the United Nations, Jaguar, Land Rover, Premiere League, Vodafone, Financial Ombudsman, Santander Bank and FC Barcelona. This is only a small share of the company's customers, who have benefited from the knowledge and 15 years of experience of these IT specialists and their ability to find creative solutions to improving operations.

The company continues to grow every year and already offers its services in 14 countries around the world, so in the future the Qticket application aims to level up with the largest companies in Europe and Asia to help institutions control and address customer flows to a level that satisfies both parties.

Currently, the application is already working in E. Gulbis laboratories (right now the application is active in 35 branches and the number of branches is growing every week), where it is possible to join a queue remotely; starting from next week, it will be possible to schedule a visit for a particular time. Qticket services are also being implemented in the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA), where it is possible to sign up for a visit remotely via Qticket. There is also active work on the implementation of Qticket solutions in companies in various sectors – both medical and financial, and others, which has been reinforced by the need to control the flow of people due to the limitations of Covid-19. This type of solution makes it possible to control the length of stay in a certain place and facilitates controlling the flow of people, which prevents long stays in densely populated premises, as well as promotes the efficiency of business resources.

Each of the functions offered by Qticket can be integrated into the company systems and websites, thus providing the opportunity to use resources more efficiently, improve and develop customer service, as well as modernise and facilitate work processes without making additional investment in existing company systems or equipment.

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