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News 07 October 2022

Guardarian joins My NEO Group in a historic partnership

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My NEO Group, an international fintech organization, has struck an important partnership with an Estonian-based crypto on-ramp provider Guardarian.

The reason for this collaboration is the upcoming release of NEO Dash - a web application set to integrate a number of fintech and online services into an all-in-one solution (

What is NEO Dash?

NEO Dash is a web platform with a unique user experience. It offers community members incentives, discounts and cashback in NRT (NEO’s native token), easy access to FIAT & crypto investment solutions. Thanks to NEO Crypto Card integrated in NEO DASH tokens become spendable on real world for daily online and offline purchases, through a physical VISA card, Apple pay or Google pay.

In NEO DASH, users will have 100+ wallets dedicated to different tokens with a dedicated crypto exchange to buy and sell crypto currencies. Eventually, tokens can be staked or asked in loan with NFIX (NEOFIX) collaterals. The combination of these features gives users a multitude of perks and increases their purchasing power.

In addition to managing their assets, in NEO DASH users have access to other NEO ecosystem services. These include NEO Circle, the group’s affiliation program, Banca NEO, a digital banking platform, NEO EDUCATION, with live coaching sessions and educational courses, NEO TRAVEL to plan holidays at competitive prices while earning a cashback up to 50% in FIAT, and NEO HELP the dedicated customer support to help you navigate among all the services.

And all these features are integrated into one platform with a single login, which is what makes NEO Dash a unique and ambitious project.

Mickael Mosse - CEO & Founder My NEO Group Mickael Mosse CEO & Founder MY NEO group stated: “We are working to create a platform that puts the users’ needs first. Through the services integrated into NEO Dash both individuals and companies have total management of their assets, having integrated traditional banking services, access to crypto currencies features, loans and staking functionalities. The partnership with Guardarian is essential to provide an easy, high-speed and reliable product for everyday use. Today’s world is fast pacing, we need to adapt quickly and anticipate customer’s need. This is exactly the aim of NEO DASH”.

What does Guardarian bring?

Guardarian is a financial institution providing ready-to-use B2B and B2C services in major countries including the US. This includes crypto on-ramp and off-ramp solutions for businesses among other blockchain-related products.

Guardarian’s role in this collaboration is to integrate a system for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly on the NEO Dash platform. For the NEO community members this means gaining access to over 300 different cryptocurrencies in a fast and secure manner.

These crypto assets can then be used to access all of the products that the NEO platform has to offer. And if required - converted into over 40 FIAT currencies supported by Guardarian.

Why is this partnership important?

As the FinTech industry evolves, it demands new, innovative solutions to existing problems. And in such a competitive environment, collaborative effort can help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Jaanus Rattasepp - Guardarian’s Head of Sales According to Guardarian’s Head of Sales Jaanus Rattasepp: “Platforms like NEO Dash bring value to people not only by providing the tools to manage their finances, but also by minimizing the work required to navigate the DeFi space.”

“We are always excited to be working with such forward-looking companies and we believe this collaboration is an important step towards making crypto more accessible to people.”, says Rattasepp


With its wide scope of financial and consumer features, NEO Dash shows significant  potential for a mass appeal among FinTech users.

And with the Guardarian’s effortless flow of assets between FIAT and Crypto space, this tandem may just be able to set a new standard for future DeFi products.

To join NEO Dash as early adopter, register now :



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