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News 31 August 2021

Garupe Beach Cottages: a safe haven for families


Baltic edition

Garupe Beach Cottages is a new, unique seaside village of private homes, just a 30-minute drive from the centre of Riga toward Carnikava.

The vision behind the project was to create a beautiful and convenient village where like-minded people could come together. Village homes combine aesthetics with ecology and a dynamic lifestyle with the serenity of nature. These modern log cabin homes are built from Finnish pine (‘Honka’), which provides a healthy and ecological living space.

The project developers emphasise the quality finishing materials in these wooden homes, which incorporate no synthetic, artificial elements. The layout is functional and well-designed, featuring furniture crafted by local carpenters, top-shelf household appliances and fully equipped kitchens, as well as a fireplace and sauna to ensure warmth and comfort throughout the dark months of winter. Other state-of-the-art solutions include a heating system provided by the Panasonic Aquarea air-to-water heat pump, the Komfovent domekt recuperation ventilation system and a bore well equipped with the Grundfos water pump. The neighbouring pine forest is the perfect setting for peaceful walks or cycling adventures and breath-taking sunsets are yours to enjoy at the nearby beach. Should you feel the need to soak up more urban vibes, the city is easily accessible. “We are satisfied with the quality and aesthetics of the homes. In our opinion, these eight Honka houses lend special charm to the entire village, which consists of around a hundred houses,” says project developer Sergei Palishchuk.

The village is highly valued by residents. “The modern world is a rapidly changing place: you no longer need to live in the city to be closer to work and school. Many people are already working remotely, either full-time or part-time, and the education system is gradually changing,” comments Santa, a local homeowner. “In my opinion, children will soon be learning primarily at home or with private teachers with rare in-person visits to school. That is why we opted to live in this coastal area in the midst of forests and the sea, and we have our own backyard for the children to play outdoors. Riga is close enough to put in an occasional visit to the office, go shopping, dine out, visit a doctor, etc. We have known for some time that we wanted to live in a wooden house, and it has turned out to be the best decision we could have made – the house is not only beautiful, aesthetic, spacious and bright, but also of high quality, ergonomic and ecological. The house smells of wood and the air quality is excellent, thanks to which our sleep quality has significantly improved. The condition of our skin and hair has also improved, as the house has its own bore well and a high-quality water filter that makes water particularly soft. There are around 100 houses in the village and most are already inhabited, though some are still under construction. It is also home to several families with children, but remains a quiet and peaceful place. So far we have only seen advantages of life here and we are very satisfied with our coastal life in a log cabin.”

If you also share these values, we invite you to join us at Garupe Beach Cottages!


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