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Entrepreneurs 23 March 2020

The Kalsnava Distillery alcohol manufacturing plant adjusted its manufacturing to produce alcohol for disinfectants manufactured in Latvia

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The largest Latvian producer of organic alcohol, Kalsnava Distillery, switched to round-the-clock work in order to satisfy the extremely high demand for disinfectants.

Until recently, the Kalsnava Distillery plant, which produces grain alcohol, had exported about 90% of its products. High-quality raw materials from Latvia are in demand for European companies specialising in the production of alcoholic beverages, including premium alcoholic beverages, and in the production of cosmetics, as well as by companies in a number of other industries.

In recent days, the situation has changed substantially. “A lot of domestic manufacturers of disinfectants and pharmaceuticals, which are necessary to combat the spread of Covid-19, have been contacting us recently,” says Liana Dravniece, Chairperson of the Board.

As a result, the enterprise promptly reorganised its work, and today it sends the lion’s share of products necessary for the domestic production of disinfectants to manufacturers in Latvia. Now Kalsnava Distillery operates at almost 100% capacity, whereas in December and January it operated at 60–70% capacity.

“We have already begun to receive orders in a number which significantly exceeds the number of products that the plant can produce in the coming days and weeks. “At the same time, we understand our responsibility and make every effort to improve the situation in this difficult period”, says Dravniece.

The company is also in contact with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economics. “We are grateful to our foreign partners for their understanding, as we are forced to reschedule our planned deliveries, since today our resources are needed here, in Latvia; these resources can help protect health and save lives," says Dravniece.

However, the enterprise contacts local disinfectant manufacturers with a request to be patient while waiting for their orders: “The staff and the management are mobilising all resources to increase production, and they are working at full capacity. At the same time, we are not going to push up prices for our products, which are now lower than in many other European countries. Therefore, the cost of the final products, for the production of which alcohol is needed, should not increase significantly, even when taking into account delivery,” says Liana Dravniece.

The Kalsnava Distillery plant was founded in 1937. The enterprise produces grain alcohol and organic grain alcohol.

In 2019, 5,800 tonnes of alcohol were produced at "Kalsnava Distillery", including 400 tonnes of organic alcohol of the highest quality. Most of it was exported to EU countries.