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Entrepreneurs 08 September 2021

IKTK, Rodentia and Igate Būve Change Names and Form ZAZA TIMBER, Concentrating Operations on Export Market


Baltic edition

As they focus on the export market, three Latvian businesses — IKTK, Rodentia and Igate Būve — have created a new brand, ZAZA TIMBER, and changed their names. IKTK will now be called ZAZA TIMBER Production; Rodentia has become ZAZA TIMBER Engineering; and Igate Būve is now called ZAZA TIMBER Construction. 

The companies operate in Latvia and throughout Europe, where they manufacture, design and build timber structures and wooden buildings. The brand’s clients are architects, building engineers and construction firms. 
“In the 21st century, the world is returning to building with wood. Thanks to this trend, we are able to grow, collaborate with international customers and work on exciting projects. The new ZAZA TIMBER brand is therefore a necessary sign that our manufacturing, design and construction companies are all under one roof, work well together and support each other during a building project. For clients, we can be a one-stop agency for implementing projects and bringing brave, complex dreams to life,” explains Māris Peilāns, Chairman of the Management Board, ZAZA TIMBER Production.

The companies under the ZAZA TIMBER brand began operating in 2015. A glulam manufacturing plant was created first, before developing the design and construction branches. 
ZAZA TIMBER Production (previously: IKTK), based in Jelgava County, has manufactured timber structures for transport, pedestrian and ski bridges; factory, office and residential buildings; schools; churches;  sports facilities; restaurants; hotels; concert halls; and petrol and electric vehicle charging stations. They are located in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, the U.S., South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.  
The Group’s companies have also provided design and construction services to more than 50 clients.
“The new name more precisely describes our field of operations, and it is easier for our customers to pronounce and remember. The brand grew out of the company’s identity. The letters A and Z in ZAZA indicate a full spectrum. Our specialization in manufacturing, design and construction cover a project from A to Z, no matter how complicated. We can therefore offer a full construction cycle from A to Z: from designing a timber structure to a finished build,” adds Āris Dreimanis, Branding and Communications Manager at ZAZA TIMBER.

ZAZA TIMBER and its companies are owned by family company ZAZA Grupa SIA, owned by Baiba Radžele un Eva Peilāne. The annual turnover of the ZAZA TIMBER brand’s companies is 1.8 million Euro (2020 figures). The company employs 40 people. The ZAZA Grupa Chairperson is Ineta Vēja, who has international experience in business management.

ZAZA TIMBER Production SIA (previously: IKTK) manufactures curved and straight glulam structures up to 32 metres long, as well as high-precision and high-difficulty finishes. The company is FSC certified. Glulam structures are increasingly used in modern timber construction, as they can be made to large sizes in different shapes. The structures excel with their high load-bearing capacity, and are made of renewable resources.

ZAZA TIMBER Engineering SIA (previously: Rodentia) is a design company. It specializes in design of timber structures: glulam, cross-laminated timber (CLT), solid timber and plywood, on their own or alongside other materials.  

ZAZA TIMBER Construction SIA (previously: Igate Būve) specializes in the construction of timber structures. The company has built office buildings, open-air concert halls, factory buildings, residential buildings, sports facilities, petrol stations and electric vehicle charging stations. Since 2020, the company has also operated in the Nordic countries. 


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